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YaJagoff Media  is a content marketing company. We use tested and reliable methods to increase awareness for your event or brand. Many people watch the “big football game” each year just as much for the commercials as the game.   What content is, typically, the most memorable?  The ones that make them smile. That’s where our group of professional creative writers comes in.  Creative writers that have written for local, regional and national outlets who understand how to write friendly content that specifically supports your brand and makes it memorable and, in today’s world of social media, SHARE-able.

In addition to the above, we have an expertise building content specific to field of emergency medicine and public safety.

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Contact YaJagoff Media today! Be sure to mention your Savvik Number to get the discounted pricing.

Take a look at the content on your website, your newsletter or even your social media calendar and what you recently posted on social media. Did you have to squeeze that one Facebook post in while you were on the run?  Did the media in your area pick up the last story you put for to them and could that story have been told by you on your website?  Did your monthly newsletter turn into a quarterly nor non-existent newsletter because nobody had time to create it? Contact us.

The YaJagoff Media Partners are John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck

Please contact: Michele Shrader, michele@YaJagoffMedia.com

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