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Take a look at how we’ve helped those in the public safety sector save time, money, and resources. 

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  • 2007 Published Story in the Rural Monitor “NCEMSC Helps Rural Providers
  • BLS service saved $20,000 on the purchase of a new ambulance
  • Hospital saved almost $11,000 when upgrading their software
  • Medium ALS service saves over $250 per month on disposable supplies
  • BLS service saved $500 on vital signs monitor
  • Large ALS service saves $5,000 per ambulance purchased
  • ALS service realized a 30-40% reduction in their disposable supply expense

“We saved over $8,000 by buying our new ambulance through the NCEMSC – and that is after we added options … options we could never afford before.”

“We saved $6,000 when we needed to replace our copier machine by using our NCEMSC membership to access services through the Minnesota Service Cooperatives.”

“We’ve decreased our accounts payable costs by eliminating accounts at over 10 fuel vendors and now get complete management information on our fleet by using the services of Wright Express through Savvik.”

“We also saved over 10% on promotional items.”

“You offered us a money back guarantee if we did not save at least the amount of our membership fee on purchases during the year…no refund necessary…we saved much more than $75 in our first order!”

“It’s a no-brainer, by joining Savvik, we’ve definitely saved money on supplies we purchase, plus we get other substantial benefits. They help us tremendously by finding the best prices for what we need, and even helping with delivery of larger items.”

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