FirstResponder NEST & Sterilizer

$7,599.00 $7,310.00

The FirstResponder Nest is a specially designed and manufactured sterilizer container for use with the FirstResponder NEST Sterilizer. The FirstResponder Nest is airtight and allows safe and convenient sterilization of multiple School or Hospital items that can fit inside, such as sports equipment, calculators, glasses, masks, computer keyboards, and other common use items. Just place the FirstResponder Nest Sterilizer device inside the unit and plug it into the female end of the extension cord on the inside. Plug the male end of the extension cord into an electric outlet to power the FirstResponder Nest Sterilizer, program the device, close the FirstResponder Nest door, and now you are ready for sterilization.

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 36 in

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