Binder Lift - Nylon, size Bariatric

$649.00 $599.80

The Standard Nylon Binder Lift is constructed with durable Codura Denier 1000 Nylon and polypropylene webbing for the handles. The removable leg straps are made from Biothane and are 100% impervious to bodily fluids. Machine Washable. Chest range is 58″ – 82″.

Experience easier and safer patient handling. The 25 handles allow for team lifting and enable the use of proper ergonomics.
Minimize patient discomfort & risk of injury. Cushioned top edge and torso wrap design reduces bruising and skin tears while providing superior patient stabilization and security.
Rapid application even in confined space. Gives the ability to have handles on the patient from the bathroom floor all the way to the hospital bed with on simple product
The right tool for the job. Prevents unsafe improvising by elimination the need to use bed sheets and transfer tarps for a vertical lift.
Made in the USA and are covered by a full 5 year warranty

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in




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