ACR4 – Ambulance Child Restraint System

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ACR4 – Ambulance Child Restraint System

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The Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint (ACR4) keeps children secure and protected during ambulance transportation.
The ACR4 helps protect children who are being transported in ambulances by safely holding them in place on the stretcher and preventing any potentially dangerous movements during transportation.
The restraint harness is made of breathable fabric that maximizes airflow and meets infection control standards. The harness is padded to keep the child comfortable during transportation, reducing the risk of pressure sores during long transfers.
The ACR4 meets and exceeds the weight recommendations for the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO). The ACR4 system safely restrains all children from 4-99 pounds.
To keep children protected, secure, and comfortable while riding in an ambulance, you can rely on the Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint (ACR4).
• The Ambulance Child Restraint (ACR4) is universally compatible with any cot
• The color-coded system containing a set of universal docking belts and four colored harnesses allows for easy and rapid weight identification and usage
• Holds patient securely in place preventing potentially dangerous movements during transports.
• Allows for rapid transition from a sitting position to lying flat
• Open channel design allows complete patient access from the airway to the waist without un-restraining the child
• The restraint tightens to the mattress of the stretcher, not into the child, preventing any additional injury to the patient
• Compact packaging, the ACR-4 fits into its own 10 x 10 custom bag taking up less room in the back of an ambulance…replacing the need to carry multiple devices to accomplish the task of restraining all size patients
• Machine washable, including the docking station buckle clips
• Fully crash tested under the strictest of standards

* 2017 National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) Safe Transport of Children by EMS: Interim Guidance…
EMS agencies should have appropriately sized child restraint system(s) immediately available on all ambulances that transport children. Additionally, personnel should be evaluated and trained on their correct use continually: The device(s) should cover, at minimum, a weight range of between 5 and 99 pounds (2.3 – 45 kg), ideally supporting the safest transport possible for all persons of any age or size.

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