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Your profession demands a well-engineered, rugged emergency vehicle that can withstand the most extreme day-to-day use. Braun Northwest was founded over 30 years ago to design and manufacture just that.

Since our founding, we’ve worked closely with customers to meet their unique vehicle needs and budget. This philosophy of partnership results not only in vehicles that meet your precise requirements but also in the continuous improvement of our products to best meet the rigors of your profession.

Informational Materials

Savvik Ambulance Bid Award – 2017 – 2018 Video

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy! Simply fill out a quick quote form and we will reach out to your vendor(s) of choice and get your process started using our nationwide base bid price. The vendor(s) will reach out to you and get more information about your specific needs. Then, vendor(s) will reply with a completed bid for your approval.

Bid Documents

Savvik Buying Group RFB 2017-0006 Ambulances:

Bid Information – RFB 2018-0004 Ambulance Remounts:

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