Savings Overview

Thousands of organizations move their people with Lyft Business — from employees and customers to patients, and more. Let us help your business do it more cost-effectively.

Why our Lyft Business Program?

  • Average savings of 30-50%
  • Simple agreement process via online registration
  • Easily switch between your business and personal account in the Lyft app
  • Dedicated Lyft Account Team, no cost
  • Expedited launch and contracting process
  • 1% rebate on spend when you complete 250 rides a quarter and use Lyft’s portal invitation tool and/or Autopay
  • Discounts on Concierge platform
  • $3M in additional aggregated insurance
  • Free reporting

About Savvik

Savvik offers smart procurement solutions that will help you reduce unplanned spend and increase your buying power.  Savvik is a no-risk, Procurement Solution/GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) that assists in increasing category and annual savings without sacrificing quality or control, freeing you up to focus on strategy.

Savvik offers dozens of pre-negotiated contracts tied to a variety of suppliers & categories.

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